From Poitou to New France : Pierre Micheau, 1637-1702

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In this story, the historian Françoise Michaud Dufresne (1923-2008) leads us in the footsteps of the ancestor Pierre Micheau (1637-1702) from his native Poitou and the port of La Rochelle.

Arrived at the Quai de Québec in 1656, it was on the Côte de Beaupré that he cleared his first land. Then, in turn, he moved to Saint-Jean from Île D'Orléans, to Île aux Grues, to the Trois-Saumons river, and finally, in 1692, it was in Kamouraska that he 'settles down, this time for good, with his wife Marie Ancelin and their nine children.

To follow the adventures of our ancestor and his family is to dive into the heart of New France in the 17th century, and to discover the hopes and joys there, as well as the disappointments and trials of these men and these women who helped build our country, using their courage, persistence, love and unwavering faith as tools.


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First publication in French (1989) : Françoise Michaud Dufresne (1923-2008)
First translation (1997) : Jean-Paul Michaud, New York, N.Y.
Revision of the first translation (2014) : Andrée Michaud, Lorraine, QC; Claude Michaud, Torono, ON; Lise Michaud Landry, Varennes, QC.

MICHAUD DUFRESNE, Françoise, From Poitou to New France, Pierre Micheau 1637-1702, Translated in 2014, 37 pages. 

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