Editorial Editorial policy for Brelan contributors

  1. Association des familles Michaud Inc. invites its members in good standing to contribute to the association's magazine, the Brelan.
  2. Brelan is intended to be a forum of expression for all its members and partners.
  3. Brelan reserves the right to publish or not a text and to publish it at the time of its choice.
  4. The views, opinions expressed and historical accuracy are solely those of their authors. Brelan nor any AFMI associates can be considered as guarantors of texts.
  5. The quality of an article is enhanced when the historical facts related in it are supported by cited and reliable references (birth, marriage and death certificate, photos, authors of directories and registers, bibliographic sources, etc.)
  6. Brelan reserves the right to publish the text in its entirety or to select extracts from it. The same goes for photos, images and other graphic elements.
  7. Brelan does not publish articles promoting any social cause, religious belief or any social cause that may give rise to controversy.
  8. Brelan reserves the right to correct the spelling and sometimes the construction of texts in correct English and translate the article in French.
  9. Brelan undertakes to respect the "authorship" of any text submitted to it to the best of its knowledge.
  10. No monetary contribution is paid to the authors.
  11. The use of the feminine in the content of some texts includes the masculine and vice versa.
  12. Brelan accepts advertising messages. The advertising of such advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of the products or services offered.

This policy is applied by the members of the Brelan Reading and Coordination Committee, made up of directors elected to the Board of Directors.

All editions of Brelan are officially deposited at:

  • Bibliothèque nationale du Québec B6567762
  • Library and Archives Canada ISSN 0843-0969


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