Your subscription becomes due March 31st, 2024?

Limited time offer: Receive a birthdays calendar valued at $ 20 with a 3-year membership fee.

Three ways to renew:
1. The easiest: use the online payment service at the bottom of this page. Securely, with Visa, MasterCard or a PayPal account.
2. If you prefer to use a form sent by mail, print it, complete it and mail it to Association des familles Michaud, 1763 CH DU FLEUVE, LÉVIS QC G6W 1Z6. Click to obtain the renewal form in PDF. Also available in Ms-Word .docx format (Office 2007 and later).
3. Make an Interac transfer using the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you live in Canada, the annual fee is $30 and valid until March 31, 2025. An attractive discount applies for a subscription of approximately 3 years, i.e. $80 until March 31, 2027.


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Be assured that your association volunteers continue to make every effort to make it more dynamic!


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