The five green fields underline the fact that the first Micheau always took interest in the land. On the Côte de Beaupré, at Île d'Orléans, Île aux Grues, Rivière des Trois-Saumons and Kamouraska, Pierre Micheau always did some farming to maintain his family.



Four branches:
These four silver "branches" constitute with the green fields of the shield a whole of nine pieces in reference to the Pierre Micheau's nine children who had descendants. These bursting silver "stripes" symbolise the importance of those ancestors who had attained achievement in many spheres setting then an example for their descendants to follow and also for them to perform in all scopes of science, religion, economics and agriculture.

This has been taken from the Arms of Poitou, the native country of our ancestor. Pierre Micheau was the head of a nice family and also the leader of many small entreprises. It is a model to be followed by his descendants.



This is the symbol of hope and vitality. According to Littré's dictionary, it also refers to civility, love, joy and prosperity.

It represents material values such as agriculture, economy and national life. Silver bears the colour of water and gives the image of purity and power. An interesting fact is that our ancestor always settled alongside rivers and streams.

This is in reference to the courage and love of Pierre Micheau who dared to leave France for a new land, full of promises and yet so difficult to reach. Courage to come to this country, to settle down and survive. Great teachings from our ancestor.

This colour reminds spiritual values such as faith, spirit and love; it also brings the concept of immortatity and perfection. In ancient times, dignitaries were covered with gold.



The three towers:
These are also found in the Arms of Poitou. The "three" is a reference to the three ages of life and also the image of the Holy Trinity. It is also a reference to the trinity of the body, mind and soul.



"Feray ce que diray"
"Will Be Done as Said"

This slogan brings the idea of will power and strong personality. It maintains a spirit of truth and certitude.


N.B. Our Coat of Arms was designed in 1988 by Father Lucien Godbout, Professor at the Séminaire de Québec.


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