From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

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In the last Brelan’s edition, we issued the 2015-2016 activity report underlining our projects for the present year. I was then asking for your help and comments to push these projects forward and at- tain their realisation. One question burns my lips nowadays: Do our members read our bulletin Le Brelan? This question arises from the fact that neither our secretary nor your president have not received any comments what so ever regarding our Association’s survival.

For example...on page 7 of the said edition, we launched an enrol- ment contest offering two 100$ prizes to be given at our 2017 general meeting. This contest is open to all members of our Association. So far, the answer is not encouraging. You have until March 31st, 2017 to participate. I am giving you a suggestion, why not offer an enrolment to one or many members of your own family as a Christmas gift? It would be a two way win, your gift will allow our Association an increase in our membership.

On the same page, Isabelle, our chief redactor, announced that we were looking for someone willing to take this position in her place. Yet, no positive answer has been received. In the activity report, I stated that we were thinking of creating a redacting committee for the pursuit of our Brelan, nobody stood up so far. Will we continue publishing our bulletin? Should nobody shows up with texts or articles to be included in our Brelan? What should we do?

Nowadays, we are living important interrogations on the survival of many family associations. Fédération des Associations de familles du Québec is also thinking seriously on its own role, as well as the services it offers to the family associations. Moneywise, the Government used to help the federation but recently this help has been partly cut; therefore the Federation’s administration council has to consider how it will help the family associations. As we speak, they have decided to cancel the exhibition that usually takes place in February. What other services will they choose to abolish? They will continue their study over winter and in the Spring, they will hold their annual meeting and we shall then be informed adequately.

With all these questions in mind, I may seem to be very pessimistic; it is not quite the situation; I am really looking for solutions so that you will be proud to be a part of a very vivid association. On my part, I am very proud to be a Michaud and to be a member of an association like ours. However, the Administrative Council’s members cannot do everything and do need your participation. Can we count on you as privileged cooperators? If so, give us a call and we will very happy and proud to work with you, even for a few hours from time to time.

On a cheerful note, I extend wishes to us all, your family and friends as well as us from the Association des Familles Michaud. Let’s have a great Christmas period as well as a 2017 year full of great dreamed realisations.


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

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