From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

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Following a long and hard winter with a lot of change in the weather, we sure feel sorry for the ones overwhelmed by flood, but here we are, hoping that spring will appear and flowers will bloom for the happiness of everyone. June in not that far and who thinks of the coming summer, thinks trips, thinks being out in the sun and meeting more often families and friends.

All the members of the board of the directors invite you to join us at the annual meeting of the AFMI which will be held on June the 8th 2019 at the reception room « La Courtisane de Lévis ». This place has been chosen so that more members will have the opportunity to attend the general meeting. We hope that you will be numerous to come to the beautiful city of Levis. The site has a gorgeous view of the Saint-Lawrence River and the Château Frontenac.

The registration fees have increased slightly, but if your group consists of at least four people, there will be a $ 5 discount per person. Make use of this discount to bring friends and family members with you and to enjoy this great experience.

All the details are registered with the registration form inserted in this bulletin. As in every annual meeting, we will provide you with the current issues and the annual financial results of your association and the future projects in view. As well, there will be elections of the persons that will form the next board. Do not hesitate to get involved so that we can assure the future of our executive. There are dreams that can be realized with your cooperation.

During the meeting, we shall have the pleasure to honor two of our pioneers who got really engaged and who have generously contributed to the support and the advancement of “the Association des familles Michaud Inc.” These two ladies are the two sisters, Claire and Magdeleine Michaud. Come and join us to express your gratitude and to thank them for their devotion and their passion for the great Michaud family.

Remember our Website and I suggest you to contact it regularly so you can be aware of the latest news.

My favorite saying: « Alone we cannot go faster but together we can go further ». I am relying on each of you so that together we increase the number of our members and, this way, create great projects.

We hope that Easter has bring you light and hope and that you enjoyed the Easter season enlightened with laugh and good mood and that will continue for future days to come.

Hoping to see you soon!

Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

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