From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

CA Photo Madelaine Dube Michaud 100 p

At last, at last, we were able to gather for our members’ annual meeting last May 28, 2023. In fact for 3 years, since the emerging of the pandemic. But, on May 28, 28 answered positively to the administration council’s invitation, one of them living in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Zoom through the Internet. Further in this edition, you will find an article by Lise Michaud Landry (1375), our secretary, relating the various steps of the day.

During our formal meeting, after the presentation of the various reports of the activities of our Association, along with the yearly financial statements, an election took place for three administration volunteers. Réal Michaud (1536) has accepted to renew his mandate and 2 new members decided to engage themselves in the administration council. They are André Paquet (1690) from Trois-Rivières who will become vice-president, and Sylvain Michaud (1677) from Boisbriand who will an administrator. Welcome in our team, and thanks to all.

We, of course, deplore our ex-president’s departure; Alain (1480) leaves the council after 10 years of loyal services as secretary, treasurer and president. Along with this last role, he was our webmaster and has exceptionally contributed to make our website more attractive. For this next year, he will remain in charge of the computer work. In your name and ours, accept, Alain, our big THANK YOU for all the hours consecrated to our Association des familles Michaud Inc. (AFMI).

Our New Brunswick administrator, Nelson Michaud (1320), has decided to leave us also. His engagement at the municipal level or his town, does not leave him enough time for AFMI. We did not have much time to know him properly, but we wish to offer our recognition for all the work he did for our organisation.

Volunteering for any organism requires time and energy to accomplish the tasks we have to do. This is why I am very grateful towards those who accept to offer a few hours to push forward the Association’s dossiers. Thanks for your generosity. Thanks for the time offered and thanks for your competence or knowledge.

Through this document, let me thank you for your confidence towards me by re-electing me. I accepted because I truly believe in the council team and because I know I can count on each one of them.

To all our members, I wish you a great year full of hope and happiness, in the expectancy of our next annual meeting in 2024.

Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)